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15.6 LED to LCD CCFL Screen Converter Cable

Sizes: DDDD
Box: 20
Certificate: ROHS
Comp. brand: LVHUA

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f you have any new laptop model which is not included in our current compatibility list, pls help to remove the inverter (some users call it "high-voltage bar") from the laptop and send it to us, then we will come up with solutions immediately, meanwhile, we will add the new solution to our new version of products. Thanks again for supporting us.


This product can be used in most of laptop models with Dell password data having been initialized.

1.  How the converter looks like            


What are ports A to G compatible with?

     A     TOSHIBA   L505 

           HP 4520

Laptop cable has a 6-pin-connector while the port has a 7-pin-connector, then how to do? Ok, just insert the cable into the hole's leftmost side(insert where the arrow points). HP4520 can be inserted in a very normal way.

     B   SAMSUNG R522/R529 

     C   SUMSUNG R516/R517

     D     DELL 1545/A860

     E     SONY 7184 NW20EF

     F     TOSHIBA A130/A135/L455

            ACER   5552/5516/5734Z

            HP621    LENOVO G555 (password data of laptop is needed to be burned(input) into our products before the products are used in this laptop model)

         G     HP G60/DV6

               ASUS K52C

         H     HP CQ60/ ACER 5735


2.        Introduction

Before using our products, firstly, you need to remove the original screen and inverter(high-voltage bar) from your laptop. Secondly, connect the 15.6" LED with our converter, in the meantime, the cable from laptop should be connected with our converter's connector(each pin on this connector stays 1mm away from the next one).Thirdly, connect the position where the inverter once connected with port on our converter's PCB board. You can read compatible laptop models written on the board while you connect them. Then, congratulations, you can use your laptop now.


3.        Instruction

Fasten cables inside laptop avoiding short circuits. Especially, there is 5-21V DC voltage on some pins of the PCB board when laptop works.


Yellow FPC cable can be folded as you require without harming its usage. But folding the cable repeatedly back and forth is not recommended for it will have bad impacts on converter's circuit.


if you only see a black screen without image or you cannot move into operation system after connecting the screen to electricity ,that means you need to input laptop data into the converter.

Our products can be directly burned with password data without doing the same to LED screen. Our products widely support the work of all models of password-burning devices. Especially, we can avoid the troubles and harms when doing the burning job on CHIMEI N156BGE.


Dell password data has already been preset into our products. And many motherboards can directly works without reading password serial number. 


Password data of Lenovo G555 is still needed to be burned.


4.  If you meet any problem on your way to replace screen or there is any other question,                     please feel free to contact me.

     If the converter meets your requirements quite well, please leave a good remark. Thanks.

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